Another place, another time... in an age of wander

  • Senior librarians are also taught how to deal with the dangers of navigating L-space, such as the "harmless kickstool crabs, large and heavy wandering thesauri, the .303 bookworm and the dreaded clichés, which must be avoided at all costs."
  • The name L-space is based on use of E-space (Exo-space) and N-space
    (Normal space) used by Doctor Who.
  • L-space, short for library-space, is the ultimate portrayal of Pratchett's concept that the written word has powerful magical properties on the Discworld, and that in large quantities all books warp space and time around them. The principle of L-space revolves around a seemingly logical equation; it is an extension of the aphorism 'Knowledge is Power'
  • {Books} = {Knowledge} = {Power} = {{Mass} x {Distance}2} x {{Time}3}.
  • Large quantities of magical and mundane books create portals into L-space that can be accessed using innate powers of librarianship that are taught by the Librarians of Time and Space to those deemed worthy across the multiverse.
  • Libraries with enough books to open a portal are often large and sprawling; those venturing into L-space may not necessarily know that they have arrived.
  • The floor and ceiling of L-space follow the floor and ceiling of the library used to access it; the best example of this is that the central dome of Unseen University's library is "always overhead".
  • In every direction and as far as the eye can see bookshelves stretch off, meaning the nature of any walls are unknown.
  • Essentially, all bookstores are potentially infinite in extent; gateways into literary hyperspace: "a good bookshop is just a genteel blackhole that knows how to read."
  • Because L-space links every library, (and also possibly Death's Autobiography Library), it is possible to reach any one of these throughout space, time and the multiverse. This means that there are potentially other forms of data storage other than books as it represents every library anywhere.
  • One can read any book ever written, any book that will be written at some point and books that were planned for writing that were not, as well as any book that could possibly be written.
  • Adventurers may find markings and scribbled notes on the shelves to help them navigate.
  • Opening Ceremony: 7pm Friday July 5

  • Closing Ceremony: 3pm Monday July 8

Art Show now seeking Submissions

Are you a budding Leonard da Quirm? Perhaps a Methodia Rascal? Then the NADWCon 2013 Art Show may just be the place for you! We are planning a wonderful Art Show and hope that you will honor us by participating in it. The Art Show will feature three artist divisions:

Professional, Amateur, and Young Artist (artists through age eighteen).

The Art Show will include both panels for two dimensional artwork and tables for three dimensional artwork. For full details, rules and entry forms, visit the Art Show page by going to the At the Convention menu, Program, Art Show or select the link below:

Art Show!

Image by Paul Kidby

What's your Badge number?

We are pleased to announce that all registered members can now find their badge number for the convention. You can find it under the Sign Up menu, Membership sub-menu or simply click here!

Downloadable posters now available!

Looking forward to a grand con?  So are we! Here’s how you can help get the word out, so that more like-minded Discworldians are able to come and enjoy this splendid event together!

Step 1: Download the handy pdf (either color or b/w).

Color Download

B/W Download

Step 2: Print it out at home or have a local artificer like Kinko’s do it for you.

Step 3: Politely enquire of your local libraries, bookstores, comic stores and suchlike if they’d be so kind as to paste one up in a place of prominence.

Step 4: Send us a clacks message to our forum or any of our social media and let us all know where we can look for it!

Step 5: Bask in the knowledge of a job well done.

Guest Announcement - Colin Smythe

We are very pleased to announce that the esteemed Colin Smythe will be joining us in July! Colin was Terry's first publisher and has since become his literary agent and friend. His publishing activities have involved works of Irish literature and criticism, Irish epic myths, fairy and folklore, heraldry, orders of knighthood, diplomacy, politics, trout fishing, and parapsychology. He has edited and written various books relating to Lady Gregory and her family, and is working on a bibliography of the writings of  the Nobel laureate W.B.Yeats. You can read more about Colin in his bio on the Guests page or by clicking here.