Another place, another time... in an age of wander

  • Senior librarians are also taught how to deal with the dangers of navigating L-space, such as the "harmless kickstool crabs, large and heavy wandering thesauri, the .303 bookworm and the dreaded clichés, which must be avoided at all costs."
  • The name L-space is based on use of E-space (Exo-space) and N-space
    (Normal space) used by Doctor Who.
  • L-space, short for library-space, is the ultimate portrayal of Pratchett's concept that the written word has powerful magical properties on the Discworld, and that in large quantities all books warp space and time around them. The principle of L-space revolves around a seemingly logical equation; it is an extension of the aphorism 'Knowledge is Power'
  • {Books} = {Knowledge} = {Power} = {{Mass} x {Distance}2} x {{Time}3}.
  • Large quantities of magical and mundane books create portals into L-space that can be accessed using innate powers of librarianship that are taught by the Librarians of Time and Space to those deemed worthy across the multiverse.
  • Libraries with enough books to open a portal are often large and sprawling; those venturing into L-space may not necessarily know that they have arrived.
  • The floor and ceiling of L-space follow the floor and ceiling of the library used to access it; the best example of this is that the central dome of Unseen University's library is "always overhead".
  • In every direction and as far as the eye can see bookshelves stretch off, meaning the nature of any walls are unknown.
  • Essentially, all bookstores are potentially infinite in extent; gateways into literary hyperspace: "a good bookshop is just a genteel blackhole that knows how to read."
  • Because L-space links every library, (and also possibly Death's Autobiography Library), it is possible to reach any one of these throughout space, time and the multiverse. This means that there are potentially other forms of data storage other than books as it represents every library anywhere.
  • One can read any book ever written, any book that will be written at some point and books that were planned for writing that were not, as well as any book that could possibly be written.
  • Adventurers may find markings and scribbled notes on the shelves to help them navigate.
  • Opening Ceremony: 7pm Friday July 5

  • Closing Ceremony: 3pm Monday July 8

Just For Fun Quiz Answers

Q1: What is the name of the magical black sword in the Color of Magic, that is forged from a thunderbolt?

Kring - the sword with a soul but suffers no scabbard

Q2: What did the Octavo magic change some books into during its journey through the University?

Pineapple custard

Q3: How many sugars does Granny Weatherwax take in her tea?


Q4: What was the name of the Klatchian mystic & creator of pizza?

Ronron 'Revelation Joe' Shuwadhi

Q5: What is special about the Gorunna Trench?

It is a chasm in the Disc's surface so black, so deep, so reputedly evil that even Krakens go fearfully and in pairs.

Q6: What are Cupumuguk?

Snow runes

Q7: What colors are Octarine comparable to?

Flourescent greenish-yellow purple

Q8: What is the name of the family friendly Tribe of Truth tellers in Equal Rites?

The Zoon Tribe

Q9: In the book Mort, how many years has Ysabell been aged 16?


Q10: What is Granny Weatherwax's goose-grease-and-sage chest linament used for?

It prevents colds, as no-one will come near you smelling that bad

Q11: In Jingo, what does Lord Vetinari juggle with whilst in disguise?

First with 7 melons, then 4 melons & 3 knives

Q12: What is the Serpent Dance more commonly known as in the Roundworld?

The Conga!

Q13: Name all 11 zodiac signs mentioned in the Light Fantastic

Wezen the Double-headed kangaroo; Gahoolie, the vase of Tulips; Mubbo the Hyaena; Okjock the Salesman; The Celestial Parsnip; The Perhaps Gate; Cow of Heaven; the Two Fat Cousins; the Small Boring Group of Faint Stars; The Flying Moose; The Knotted String.

Q14: What makes the air feel greasy & taste of tin?


Q15: Which level of wizardry would wear a yellow sash?

5th Level

Q16: Which country uses obols for currency?


Q17: What was the name of the seventh level mage & lecturer in Lore in Sourcery?

Ovin Hakardly

Q:18 In which book does the Guild of Seamstresses first appear?

Men At Arms

Q19: How many plays by Hwel are named in Wyrd Sisters?

Eleven: The King's Brides; Mallo, the Tyrant of Klatch; A Wizard of Sorts; Please Yourself; King Under the Mountain; The Tyrant; King of Ankh; Gretalina & Mellias; The Mage Wars; The Trolls Tale; The Lancre King

Q20: What is the Witches' ethos?

When you break rules, break 'em good & hard

Q21: What was Susan's 3rd birthday gift from her maternal grandfather?

My Little Binky Set

Q22: What is the highest award at the Fools Guild?

Bladder of Honor

Q23: What is the full name of Magrat's daughter?

Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre

Q24: Where was the Librarian born?

Moon Pond Lane

Q25: Who is the owner of Camels-R-Us?

Heme Krona

Q26: How many ticks do we see from the Universal clock?


Q27: How many children does Nanny Ogg have?


Q28: What was the name of the King of Lancre who preferred no messing about, straight to torture?

King Gruneweld

Q29: How many rulers of Djelibeybi were there before Teppic?


Q30: What was the name of the famous carpet-rolling Queen of the Djel?

Queen Ram-Jam-Hurrah

Q31: What is the real name of Brother Fingers?

Bengy 'Lightfoot' Boggis

Q32: Who was the local witch of Mad Stoat?

Goodie Whemper, Magrat Garlick and Agnes Nitt have all held the post

Q33: How many children does Fred Colon have?


Q34: How tall is Gayheart Talonthrust of Ankh?

14 thumbs high or 3' 6"

Q35: Who is the Goddess of Shoes?


Q36: Who is known as the Stench of Dog Breath?


Q37: In which book does Mustrum Ridcully become Archchancellor of Unseen University?

Moving Pictures

Q38: Which outer-dimensional monster has a cry of "Yerwhatyerwhatyerwhat"?

Yob Soddoth

Q39: What is Banana N'Vectif most well known for?

Being the most cunning hunter in the great yellow plains of Klatch

Q40: In Eric, who is the new Archchancellor at Unseen University?

Ezrolith Churn

Q41: What was special about the Seriph of Al-Ybi?

Every thing he touched turn to Glod

Q42: Who were the co-founders of the Quirm College for Young Ladies?

Miss Eulalie Butts & Miss Delcross

Q43: How much money did 8 year old Susan make from using animal teeth for the Tooth Fairy?


Q44: Which Ephebian philosopher proved the Disc was 10,000 miles long?


Q45: What boon does the Librarian ask the Gods for?

3000 file cards, a new stamp, 5 gallons of ink & a red balloon!

Q46: In which book is Casanunda first mentioned?

Reaper Man

Q47: Who wrote the Grim Fairytales?

Agoniza & Eviscera Grim

Q48: What was the name of the student assassin that Vimes found in the cess pit?

Jocasta Wiggs

Q49: When asked, how many glasses of sherry had Albert had to drink in Hogfather?


Q50: Who tried to open a take-away in Dagon Street and was never seen again?

Mr Hong

Q51: What was Gaspode's new name, when undercover in the Truth?


Q52: Who is the District Commissioner in Bes Pelargic?

Five Tongs

Q53: How many tons of toys does the Hogfather have to deliver per hour?

1,785 tons per hour according to Death's calculations

Q54: Who failed twice to become village idiot through being over-qualified?

Jarge Weaver

Q55: What is the name of Agnes Nitt's father?

Terminal Nitt

Q56: What is the name of the troll tooth fairy imposter?


Q57: What species lives deep in the woods & is covered in hair?


Q58: Who is the Head Bledlow at Unseen University?


Q59: What is the Bursar's real name?

Dr A.A. Dinwiddie, D.M. (7th), D.Thau, B.Occ., M.Coll., B.F.

Q60: Who made the first Glass Clock?

Demented Doctor Wingle

Q61: Where do pencils come from?

Island of Sumtri

Q62: Who untied the Tsortean knot?


Q63: What is the name of Prince Cadram's chief advisor?

General Ashal

Q64: Who created the wave machine for the theater?

Leonard of Quirm

Q65: What is Snouty's real name?

Cecil Clapman

Q66: Who tried to poison Vimes' shaving cream?

Honorable Eustace Bassingly-Gore

Q67: Who was the Low King 1500 years ago?

B'hrian Bloodaxe

Q68: Who was one of the best opera singers who had a beard to strike matches on & a nose flattened half across her face?

Dame Tessitura

Q69: What are the names of Tiffany's older sisters?

Hannah & Fastidia

Q70: How many books are in Granny Aching's Library?

5 (not including the farm diary): The Dictionary, Almanack, Diseases of the Sheep, Flowers of the Chalk, The Goode Childe's Book of Faerie Tales.

Q71: Where does Bjorn Tightbritches work?

Ironcrust's bakery

Q72: How many versions of Dibbler has Rincewind met?

8 - C.M.O.T. Dibbler, Fair Go Dibbler, Disembowel-Meself-Honorably Dibhala, Al-Jiblah, May-I-Never-Achieve-Enlightenment Dhiblang, Dib Diblossonson, May-I-Be-Killed-In-My-Own-Ice-Hole Dibooki, Swallow-Me-Own-Blowdart Dlang-Dlang.

Q73: What is the name of the midwife over in Slice?

Mrs Patternoster

Q74: What is the name of Glenda's very elderly 3-eyed teddy bear?

Mr Wobble

Q75: Who was the composer of Prelude in G?

Watua Doinov

Q76: Who runs the pet shop in Pellicool Steps?

Miss Grace Speaker

Q77: What is the name of the dragon who likes to sleep under young Sam's cot?


Q78: How many times does the Librarian shape-shift whilst ill in The Last Continent?


Q79: Who is the music critic for the Ankh-Morpork Times?

Knatchbull Harrington

Q80: How many miles did Jackrum carry General Froc?


Q81: What is Dr Bustle's first name?


Q82: Ram skulls on poles topped with mistletoe & banners embroidered with twisted snakes are necessary peripherals of what?

Stone Computer

Q83: How much does an "apprentice witch hat with evil glitter" cost at Boffo's Joke Emporium?


Q84: What percentage of Igor's dog Scraps is rottweiler?

23.68421% (9/38)

Q85: What are the names of Altogether Andrews' 8 personalties?

Jossi, Lady Hermione, Little Sidney, Mr Viddle, Curly, the Judge, Tinker, Burke.

Q86: Who is the owner of the Bucket pub?

Mr Cheese

Q87: What year did Lord Vetinari graduate with full honors from the Guild of Assassins?


Q88: What is the Firework ingredients book better known as?

The Monster Fun Grimoire

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